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Your Numenessence Personality

There are four "essences" of your personality in Numenessence as follows:

  • Vibraessence (vi-bra-essence) describes your public persona, how others see you, and identifies a SKILL you may not be aware you have.
  • Omniessence (om-nee-essence) is your life path and it describes your main PURPOSE or achievement in life, and your overall personality characteristics.
  • Chronoessence (kro-no-essence) is your key to timing, and indicates your primary influence and IMPACT in life.
  • Eppuressence (ep-purr-essence) is mostly how you see yourself, and identifies your NEED, motives and desires.

Together the four essences are called the VOCE (vo-chay). It represents the "voice" of your actions and your S.P.I.N. in life. Think of it as your personality ID number and use it to find the clarity, focus, and direction you need to enjoy a more satisfying life. Enter your birthday in the calculator below to discover your Numenessence VOCE.

Numenessence Calculator

Timing is the Essence!

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